The Designers

Åsa Wigum (b. 1997), has made hand blown glass for two and a half year in Bergen and Oslo, while studying at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Wigum’s glasswork is distinctive and unique as the shapes reflect the premises and characteristics of the material.

Åsa Wigum


Albin Granaas (b. 1996) is a fashion student from Trollhättan, Sweden, studying clothing design at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Granaas' style is characterized by over dimensioning and cut-outs in the clothing construction. His methods turn conventional clothing upside down, adding a fresh breath of new expressions.


Ali Shah Gallefoss (b. 1989, Oslo) is from Bergen and completed a bachelor’s degree in Furniture and Spatial Design at Bergen Academy of Fine Art and Design in 2018. He currently lives in Oslo, studying for a master’s degree at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In 2019, Gallefoss created a sculpture from surplus scarves and cut-offs from the stone industry for the Norwegian clothing brand Holzweiler, that later was installed at Dover Street Market in Beijing. In 2020, he was selected to exhibit as part of Norwegian Presence 2020 at Salon Satelite in Milan. The same year he also won Bo Bedre’s design award as Newcomer of the year. He is currently exhibiting at Sorgenfri and Kollekted By, in addition to drawing Holzweiler’s new store in his hometown Bergen, together with Snøhetta.



Søren Krag (b. 1987) is a visual artist based in Bergen. Krag produces work within a range of artistic disciplines including; image, sound, video, installation and weaving, with a special focus on utilizing electronic and digital tools. He is preoccupied with aesthetic ideas of symmetry and ornamentation, which have permeated the history of art, and which have wandered historically and geographically between different civilizations and cultural regions. An important part of Krag’s practice is creating digital ‘paintings’ using relatively simple software. In this work as well as weaving, he seeks to use the respective methods/medias 'limitations' as an aesthetic starting point

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Photography by Mohamud Abdirashid and Erik Fitzinger